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Over the past 17 years, I’ve produced some great work, and have plenty of stories to go along with them. As long as we have sustainable plantations, I’ll keep creating beautiful print work and adding to my repertoire of stories.

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Is it a career? Is it a hobby? It’s a bit of both: a passion that has led to some amazing adventures both locally and internationally.

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I’m known as a problem solver. Throughout my career, I’ve honed a unique skill – solving problems both creatively and practically. In retail, publishing and SMEs; through launches, redesigns, team and studio management: ask the right questions, pull together the right people, and you get the right solutions. Whether it’s figuring out the next move for a brand or working on its strategy, I find the process of identifying stumbling blocks and solving them hugely rewarding.

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When it comes to digital, I really enjoy getting under the bonnet. What guides you, what experience you’re left with, how better to use that data pouring in: I know how to help you find a solution.

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The drive-in was where it all started: an awe-inspiring experience for a 5-year-old. Not much has changed, except now I get to help craft videos that elicit a similar feeling, in their own way.

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